TV Wall Unit

by Taralee

TV Wall UnitTV Wall UnitTV Wall UnitTV Wall UnitTV Wall UnitTV Wall UnitTV Wall UnitTV Wall UnitTV Wall Unit
TV Wall Unit/Cabinet made in Cinema4D R11.5.

Will open in all C4D versions R11.5 and above.

Not UV Mapped and the materials supplied are just the basic ones (as per the render).

I have included files in other formats.
I exported them using C4D's export options and the riptide pro plugin for the .obj file. I do not know the formats of the other files, but I selected 1.0 for all as I wasn't able to leave it blank. fbx is 2010.2. I dont own these programs, and while I am confident with the model, I cant guarantee the materials will be present or import as I have made them.

I have included the vases and TV in the scene file. Please note, its the cabinet I am selling, and these are just extras. The TV is not super detailed and not really suitable for close up renders. Feel free to make any adjustments you like to it.

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  • Published onWed Aug 22 2012
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Available Formats

  • Cinema4D 11.0
    0.1 M.
  • Collada 1.0
    0.6 M.
  • ??? 1.0
    0.4 M.
  • FBX 1.0
    1.0 M.
  • OBJ 1.0
    0.7 M.

Technical Details

    • scale units
    • polygons
    • points
    • materials
    • textures
    • uv
    • rig
    • animated
    • 3D printable
    • Renderer


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