Toyota Prius 2010

by Solancla

Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010Toyota Prius 2010
Detailed Model of a Toyota Prius 2010

Automatic animation with XPresso includes wheel rotation, steering and door control.

Doors and steering can be controlled and animated by just moving slider bars.

You also have the option to set the steering to adjust automatically as vehicle moves through it's path. A simple readme.txt file is included with more details on how to use the rig.

For your convenience a copy of the model is included without rig.

All parts named, grouped and organized by layers for easy browsing.

All materials and textures included.
Basic interior controls and detail.

Subdivsion ready. The Product images were render with a subdivision level 1.

Base mesh details

C4D polygon count: 58752 point count: 66423
FBX polygon count: 102668 point count: 121433
OBJ polygon count: 102669 point count: 120784

An additional version of the file is included with a
subdivision level of 1.

C4D polygon count: 265978 point count: 288646
FBX polygon count: 265270 point count: 287888
OBJ polygon count: 265270 point count: 287239

Note: The exported versions (FBX, and OBJ) only the geometry is available, and face normal and material adjustments may be required to achieve similar results.

C4D version point and polygon count is lower due to the use of object instances therefore reducing the number of polygons and points used on the scene.
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  • Published onMon Jan 16 2012
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Available Formats

  • Cinema4D 10.0
    24.9 M.
  • FBX 6.0
    18.3 M.
  • OBJ 1.0
    13.6 M.

Technical Details

    • scale units
    • polygons
    • points
    • materials
    • textures
    • uv
    • rig
    • animated
    • 3D printable
    • Renderer


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